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Club K products are the best training aids for developing pitchers fundamentals and strength. Our products are used throughout the professional, collegiate, high school, youth and international levels. We invite you to browse through our store and enjoy your overall shopping experience. Thank you for visiting 

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    Bundle -  -  Spinner and Training Ball 14 INCH BALL - One Dozen POWERLINE PITCHING MAT
    Bundle - - Spinner and Training Ball14 INCH BALL - One DozenPOWERLINE PITCHING MAT

    The Spin Right Spinner and 14 inch Ball are training aids that teach strength for increasing spin on your pitches.

    One dozen over sized cowhide leather covered 14 inch ball helps increase pitches spin, pitch control and improves mechanics.  Made available so pitchers can practice their spin and repeatedly toss into a net.  

    The perfect Pitching Mat for hard flat floors.  It is to the most durable Pitching Mat on the market.  It can be moved from one location to another with it's ability to be rolled up amd transported.  See attached images. 



    $229.99 Spin Right Softball Spinner WEIGHTED BALL SET

    Improve your overall pitching strength and watch your pitch speed climb.

    Gives instant feedback on proper spin angle for movement pitches.

    Improve strength, speed,  and quickness with this top selling kit.  8 week workout included!




    14 Inch Training Ball - THE PITCHING EDGE Spin Right Spinner Package (6)
    14 Inch Training Ball - THE PITCHING EDGE Spin Right Spinner Package (6)

    Improve you Strength and Speed of Spin.

    ;Only available as iBook or eBook.  

    This package includes 6 Spin Right Spinners for efficient training, repetition and clinics.





    This Workbook outlines over 20 workouts specifying strength, power and movement pitches. 


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